The Comment Espionner Un TLPhone Porta Plus PDA – A Lightweight and Simple Alternative to a Mobile Phone

The Comment Espionner Un Telly Portable is a great little phone for anyone who’s always on the go. It comes with a high-power, long-range lithium-polymer battery and features a sleek flat design that fits snugly in a shirt pocket. A convenient charger is also included. The unit has a standard power dial, and it includes a handy dial pad as well that allows you to quickly find out what type of phone you’re trying to connect.

This nifty little device runs on a single AA size battery, and it provides you with around three thousand minutes of talk time on a single charge. That amount of talk time is plenty enough for everyday use, and the built-in rechargeable battery ensures that you don’t have to constantly spend hours charging your phone. The built-in micro USB port makes it easy to charge other things like your MP3 player or a laptop, as well. The Comment Espionner Un Telly Portable even offers a bright LCD screen that shows you everything you need to know, including the phone’s strength, distance covered, time left, and other helpful information.

If you’ve used a laptop computer before, you’ll understand just how impractical it can be to carry a huge laptop around with you all the time. The fact that the Comment Tilt portable phone has a long-range lithium polymer battery means that you no longer have to. Simply charge the phone, take it out in the sun, and you’ll be ready to go. The built-in rechargeable battery also means that there are no messy cords to deal with or tangled wires to untangle. This sleek, stylish, compact device is perfect for those who enjoy their mobility, but who prefer to keep their connections private.

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